Market Assessment & New Business Development for Oleon’s New Bio-surfactants range in selected markets

Context and Objectives Oleon, a leading producer of chemicals and bio-chemicals, has succeeded in developing a new bio-surfactants range – RADIASURF ML – through a fermentation process and wishes to better estimate its potential and launch a new business development campaign. 4 different markets and 3 main regions (Asia, Europe ... Lire la suite...


Testimonial of PRIMIR-Printing plastic packaging study

“This is the first time we have worked with Dynovel on a PRIMIR study.  As brand-new consultants for PRIMIR, Dynovel understood our expectations and delivered on them exactly as we wanted.  Our objectives were laid out in the beginning of the project and not much had to be reiterated throughout ... Lire la suite...


Daydream supports your development in Asia & China

Expanding your business in Asia requires the development of a local presence to help identify opportunities and to respond rapidly to customers. Your answer : Daydream Business Consulting (Shanghai) Ltd. Lire la suite...


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