TOTAL GEMSEAL® USA market analysis and development

Daydream (*), operating as Dynovel in North America, is a consulting firm specializing in B to B Marketing, New Business Development & Strategy and Sales for its clients. Our range of services provide support throughout the entire life cycle of your products and technologies. Our value is displayed thanks to ... Lire la suite...


Polymers & Plastics Daydream’s Experience of Markets Strategy and New Business Development In Europe, USA and APAC

Introduction Daydream has realized over 270 projects over the last decade. Within the Polymeric materials area and downstream sectors Daydream has realized > 30 projects in Europe, North America, Asia and Africa. Daydream is expert in: Market assessment, Validation of product potential Value chain analysis (including selection of distributors) Market ... Lire la suite...


Distributed Energy Systems: Point of View

For the next 10 years, the Distributed Energy Systems (DES) will grow significantly. We have investigated this industry and are introducing some highlights in this D-News. If you would like further details we can provide the full Point of View and we can discuss ways to support your business development ... Lire la suite...


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