Alphacan – Development of Innovative Materials

As a part of the recently created KemOne Company, a specialist in vinyl solutions and subsidiary of the Klesch group, Alphacan designs, makes and markets PVC profiles for the construction industry. In order to diversify its activity, Alphacan is focusing on producing new materials with a higher added value. To ... Lire la suite...


Eurecat : The Gasoline desulfuration market in China

China has come to a development phase where environmental issues are increasingly taken into account, even if often balanced by the regional employment priority. An important part of the objectives of the 12th five year plan, are dedicated to the promotion of green technologies, new energies, and the reduction of ... Lire la suite...


DuPont de Nemours – Gotalene : a promising exfolliant

DuPont, a worldwide known group, is a reference producer of cosmetic raw materials. One of these products is the range of exfoliating powders named Gotalene ( Gotalene being well known products in this market and increasingly exposed to the competition of exfoliating natural powders, their sales evolution led DuPont to ... Lire la suite...


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