Solvay – Reaction inhibitors: high technology markets

The Aroma Performance Global Business Unit (GBU), part of the Solvay group, includes Rhodia’s diphenol and fluorinated intermediates operations, comprising three main Business Units : Aroma ingredients: flavorings and fragrances for the food and perfumery markets (with its flagship vanillin and ethyl-vanillin product line sold under Rhovanil® and Rhodiarome® brand ... Lire la suite...


China’s success story: Daydream Point of view

China’s economy continues to expand, and the country’s demand for chemicals remains large. Following 35 years of annual growth in GDP above 10%, recent announcements and forecasts project a 7 to 8% year to year growth in the period 2011-2015 – this will remain totally unmatched in the western world ... Lire la suite...


Hunstman – a new reference in “Green” applications

Huntsman, a global leader in chemical products manufacturing, is proposing its VYDRO® () technology as a water management solution. VYDRO® is composed of polyurethane foam with specific properties for green wall and green roof building. It has a much higher capacity for water retention compared to competitive technologies. This innovative ... Lire la suite...


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