The Chinaplas will take place from 21-24 May 2019 in Guangzhou/China
2019 Chinaplas国际橡塑展将于 5月21日-24日在中国广州举行

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The fair is dedicated to all types of Plastics & Rubbers and gathers exhibitors proposing Chemical & Raw Materials, Additives, Color Pigments & Masterbatches, Composites, Compounds, Machinery etc.

Daydream, Yusi Chen and Jean-Pierre Molitor will attend the fair all four days and would be pleased to meet you there, either on your booth or as visitor and discuss with you its offer in:

  • Market & Business Strategy
  • New Business Development
  • People Management – Training & Workshops
  • Business Improvement for Market and Sales:
    • Opportunity Pipelines Improvement
    • Cost-to-Serve analysis and recommendations
    • Pricing Analysis and Simulation

Daydream has realized nearly 100 projects in Plastics & Polymers over the last decade, across the manufacturing value chain from raw materials to final polymer products (film, compounds etc.) in a B2B environment. In Asian markets Daydream has a special focus on applications for Chemical, Polymers, Additives Products in a changing technological and competition environment.

Daydream ( in 6 points:

  • Nearly 400 B2B Clients since 2000
  • 3 offices: Cologne for EUROPE, Philadelphia for USA, Shanghai for ASIA
  • 1 unique Best-in-Class Methodology
  • A Team of Engineers and PhD
  • 10 languages: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish
  • A high level of Quality, Commitment and Value



德劲咨询的亚洲区业务经理陈于思yusi.chen@daydream.eu与欧洲区业务经理Jean-Pierre Molitor 将参加为期四天的展会,我们将很高兴在您的展位上或作为参观者与您相见。德劲期望与您携手,为贵司的辉煌发展助力,交流内容包括:

  • 市场和商业策略
  • 新业务开拓
  • 人员管理: 培训和工作坊
  • 市场及销售业务改进:
    • 优化机会漏斗
    • 服务成本分析和建议
    • 价格模拟优化及定价战略




  • 自2000年以来拥有近400家客户
  • 3个覆盖全球的办事处: 科隆(欧洲)、费城(美国)、上海(亚洲)
  • 最佳分析策略
  • 拥有同时具备技术,市场和销售技能的博士和工程师组成的团队
  • 10种语言涵盖所有市场:阿拉伯语、汉语、英语、法语、德语、俄语、日语、韩语、葡萄牙语、西班牙语
  • 高水平的项目交付质量



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  • The Chinaplas will take place from 21-24 May 2019 in Guangzhou/China
    2019 Chinaplas国际橡塑展将于 5月21日-24日在中国广州举行

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