Patents, Turnover, Growth Drivers & A3 Method for Profitability Growth for Chemical Companies – White Paper, January 2019

For an improved reading comfort, you can download the pdf version of the document An analysis of the performance of the top 50 chemical companies (The Top 50 companies ranking combines $825 billion in sales and 61,807 published patents in 2017) highlights several key elements: There are significant historical and ... Lire la suite...


Market Strategy and New Business Development – A³ – Pricing & Pipeline Management Teaser – October 2018

«The transition from R&D to market development is too often a weak link: it has to be re-designed » As we have the day to day Know-how for near 20 years, 400 missions and 100 recurring customers, as we built through all those years Experiences and Method to improve Sales ... Lire la suite...


To People Who Are Daring to Try Something New … but Can’t Get Started – Dynovel Business Consulting – July 2018

IFT 18 Annual Meeting & Food Expo Chicago, Illinois, July 15-18, 2018 – The IFT is the International Food Technology Conference which takes places annually and is open for all businesses and stakeholders in food technology. This year over 20,000 people are expected to attend the conference in Chicago, Illinois ... Lire la suite...


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