Graphene Market Global Overview – Daydream – Dynovel – May 2019

Abstract Graphene, a two-dimensional nano-carbon material with extraordinary performances, has been a very hot topic in the materials world for many years. It is called a “Super Material”, with the potential to bring revolutionary change to the world. Graphene is gradually moving forward from laboratory research to industrialization by incorporating ... Lire la suite...


Introduction to the Smart Homes Market – DNews 2019-04

The Smart Homes Market What is the Smart Home market? The growth of technology and electronics has been apparent for many years and has emergd almost every market imaginable. One of the markets that is following that trend is the housing industry, known as smart homes or home automation. Technology ... Lire la suite...


Daydream interviewed by the Japanese number 1 of the Chemical Industry Media in Japan

The No 1 Japanese media in the Chemical industry published our Services in Asia and specially Japan Chemical Market Strategy. Daydream will attend the fair Coating-Japan Osaka all three days May 22 to 24 and would be pleased to meet you there, either on your booth or as visitor ... Lire la suite...


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