What we do at a glance

With our global coverage (Europe, Americas and Asia), our proven and constant improved methodology, tools and best practices dedicated to quality delivery, and our multi-cultural world-class team of highly-skilled engineers, we provide 4 key offerings:

We assist our clients build their Market Strategy, prepare the launch of new offer or develop business in new markets by providing solid, accurate and analytical studies to:
  • Estimate market size and growth
  • Understand value chains, players and B2B market needs identify drivers & hurdles
  • Analyze the competition
  • Define a market segmentation, business plan and R&D priorities
  • Assess new business models (M&A, channel-to-market…) and partners network
  • Products and customers portfolio alignment with market strategy
We are dedicated to deliver our clients the best quality work to support their Business Plan development and prepare together its implementation.

Market Strategy

New Business Development and Sales Growth

We assist our clients in their New Business Development and Sales Growth by:
  • Identifying key contacts for new business opportunities
  • Scouting new markets & technologies
  • Testing a product concept & value proposition
  • Analyzing key accounts
  • Understanding power map and decision chain
  • Conducting telephonic and in-field prospecting to generate leads
  • Coordinating sampling & trialing campaign
  • Feeding a pipeline of projects / sales opportunities
  • Performing voice of customers campaign
  • Analyzing market feedback to focus NBD on the right opportunities
Our DNA is our knowhow to develop a qualified pipeline of opportunities and reduce significantly the time to market.
Our proven methodology, the D-Method, and our industry experience and network, allow us to assist our clients to increase existing sales and develop a market strategy to generate more value. Our D-Method includes:
  • A Prospecting methodology
  • Accessibility vs. Attractiveness (AA) Matrix implementation
  • A set of analytical tools (A3 offering) based on a collaborative online platform developed for:
    • Customer segmentation, sales pricing analysis and simulation (PriSim)
    • Market strategy roll-out
    • Products portfolio reduction
    • Project opportunities and sales pipeline analysis focalization (PipeAn)
    • Cost to serve analysis
    • SWOT and Churn analysis

Business Improvement

Workshop and People Development

We support our clients developing people skills by training and coaching them on our core business which is all about B2B Market Strategy and New Business Development. Our tailor-made training and workshop has been designed to address our clients’ focus and priorities:
    About Business Excellence:
  • Changing team mindset (Customer Centricity, Value Selling…)
  • Optimizing business profitability
  • Thinking outside the box
  • About Marketing & NBD strategy
  • Conducting a market analysis
  • Performing a Voice of Customers campaign
  • Achieving New Business Development
  • Managing a pipeline of sales opportunities