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We have a full set of services, tools and methodology around Marketing, Business Strategy, NBD, Voice of customers & Sales to help you reach your P&L and business growth objectives…


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We are your global B to B Market Strategy and Business Development Partner since 2000 with more than
400 projects in Chemistry, Biotechnology & Life Sciences, Materials, Energy and Electronics.


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We have built our identity & brand on long-term relationship, delivering actionable results for our clients
thanks to Best-in-class Method & Analytical Tools. We have a strong transparency, on-time, on-Quality
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This is the first time we have worked with Dynovel on a PRIMIR study.  As brand-new consultants for PRIMIR, Dynovel understood our expectations and delivered on them exactly as we wanted.  The working relationship was very easy and flowed seamlessly. We were very pleased with the outcome of this project and delighted to add Dynovel to our roster of ‘go to’ consultants.

Rekha Ratnam, Senior Director, APTech / PRIMIR Market Research

Daydream offered to us a highly efficient and effective way to identify sales- and growth opportunities for a new technology in the phase of the market introduction. Excellent, fully dedicated people, a quick and closely monitored process with intensive follow-up were the most important success factors. We achieved a complete market overview and a significant number of customer leads in the shortest possible time frame.

Stefan Sütterlin, VP Business Management Pigments, BASF Europe

We asked Dynovel to analyze the market in the USA for our range of emollients for cosmetic applications. Dynovel built, in an extremely short period of time, a full database of prospects, presenting our products with professionalism. Many prospects were immediately interested and ordered samples. We could not expect to move so fast in an unknown market without external help and they did it with flexibility.

Franck Eydoux, Managing Director, Total Marketing & Services


Daydream & Dynovel will attend the China International Biodegradation & Plastic Products Exhibition (SWSL EXPO) in Shanghai from 19th to 23rd of September 2023

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Yusi CHEN (yusi.chen@daydream.eu) and Lina ZUO (lina.zuo@daydream.eu) would be pleased to meet you there 中文: http://www.swslexpo.com/ Since 1999, the China International Industry Fair (CIIF) has developed into an important window and platform for economic affairs, trade exchanges and cooperation in many countries’ industrial fields, facing [...]

DYNOVEL, DAYDREAM’ US Branch will participate in the BATTERY SHOW 2023 at NOVI MI from Sept. 12th to 14th

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Stephanie LORINI stephanie.lorini@dynovel.com will attend the fair and would be pleased to meet you there. www.dynovel.com The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announcement in May 2022 that $3.1 billion in funding will be available to expand battery and component production in America, bolster domestic supply [...]

Daydream & Dynovel will attend from 4 to 6 August the 9th Shanghai international New Energy Auto Technology and Supply Chain Expo 2023 in Shanghai

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Yusi CHEN (yusi.chen@daydream.eu) and Lina ZUO (lina.zuo@daydream.eu) would be pleased to meet you there to discuss with you www.daydream.eu 中文: http://sh.neashow.com/ A booming new round of global technological and industrial transformation, the integration of related technologies is accelerating in automotive energy, transportation, information and communication. [...]

Daydream & Dynovel will attend the China Shanghai International Lithium Battery Technology Conference 2023 from 26-28 July 2023 in Shanghai

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Yusi CHEN (yusi.chen@daydream.eu) and Lina ZUO (lina.zuo@daydream.eu) would be pleased to meet you there to discuss with you  www.daydream.eu  (中文: http://www.cbtc-sh.com/) The CBTC-2023 China Carp Battery Technology held at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) is hosted by the Commercial Industry Committee Council for [...]