Our History

We are in our 20th year!

Daydream is now your Global partner.

We operate in Europe, Asia and the Americas, and our capabilities extend to investigating various markets and delivering projects all over the Globe. Our history is a measure of our success- we work every day to improve our own way of working and ultimately add value to our clients’ strategic goals!


Targeting our 400th project!

We aim at becoming your #1 partner as we keep growing our business, our network and our expertise. So, stay connected and follow us on LinkedIn and our recently new Website to get updates on our last breaking news and services offer extension!


Growing our client portfolio in Japan

Business development work commences in Japan as the company seeks to continue its expansion trajectory. Japanese clients can now contact us to discuss business opportunities globally whether it is to help them grow in Europe, Americas or Asia Pacific!


New offers, new projects!

The company’s A3 Suite offering is launched, focusing on analytical tools that support the growth of our clients’ business on three main phases: define your business, farm your business and hunt new business.

We also completed our 300th project that year!


Dynovel Inc. in the USA

Daydream is renamed as Dynovel Inc. in the USA while keeping the same offers, the same team and methodology to deliver our proven quality work and results to our customers at the global level. Dynovel remains the exclusive partner of Daydream in Americas!


Signing our 200th project!

The company’s 200th project is signed and successfully completed with our customer Arkema!


10-year anniversary!

Celebrating Daydream’s 10-year anniversary!

It is also the year we signed our 100th project with our customer Ticona (part of Celanese Corporation)


Daydream’s expansion in China

With Asia representing the obvious next step in the company’s evolution, Daydream opens its office in Shanghai in 2009, offering customers the possibility to investigate specific markets in this booming region too.


Daydream opening in the USA

Daydream unveils its US branch in Philadelphia. The geographical expansion offers our European and American customers the possibility to leverage from our local highly skilled teams in both regions to grow their business.


Daydream opening in Germany

Early success and increasing client trust resulted in fast growth, paving the way for the opening of a second European office in Cologne, Germany in 2005.


Foundation of our company in France

Daydream Sales Force is founded in August 2000 and initially headquartered in Paris, France.

Specialty chemistry and new business development support were the two drivers of the company’s creation and quick growth.