Chinese market of coil coating – Daydream Business Consulting Shanghai – December 2017

INTRODUCTION As an important segment of industrial coatings, coil coatings, by definition, are the coating systems applied to the surface of flat metal coils or sheets of steel or aluminum that are widely used in various end use industries. These include construction, automotive manufacturing, home appliance manufacturing, and many other ... Lire la suite...


Emerging industrial opportunities from Green Car – Daydream Business Consulting Shanghai – December 2017

Introduction Driven by increasing environmental & energy concerns and rising focus on climate change, many countries have built their strategies and set timetables to phase out the traditional fossil fuel cars, including both production and sale, in the next 5 to 20 years. Stimulated by regulatory guidelines and fueled by ... Lire la suite...


European Business Conference Group (EBCG), The Chemicals Sales & Marketing Toolbox – Berlin 22-23 November – Daydream Silver Partner- “We bring intelligence together”

To address Strategic planning, Market Strategy Development and Sales Operations, Daydream developed a strategic suite – A3 Suite-  relying on Anaplan, a cloud-based system for business planning. The A3 Suite consists of 6 components (APPS) : Porter 6 Analysis (Porter 6); Competitive Analysis (CompA); Cost-to-Serve Policies (Co2S); Pricing Simulation (PriceSim); ... Lire la suite...


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