Global Renewable Energy Outlook – Daydream / Dynovel – July 2019

Introduction Renewable Energy is an increasing factor in global energy production and consumption, with the industry having undergone record growth in the 2016-18 time period. In 2016, renewables experienced greater growth than any other fuel source, accounting for almost two-thirds of new power capacity additions around the world, and they ... Lire la suite...


Graphene Market Global Overview – Daydream – Dynovel – May 2019

Abstract Graphene, a two-dimensional nano-carbon material with extraordinary performances, has been a very hot topic in the materials world for many years. It is called a “Super Material”, with the potential to bring revolutionary change to the world. Graphene is gradually moving forward from laboratory research to industrialization by incorporating ... Lire la suite...


The 7th Highly-functional Material Week will take place from 22-24 May 2019 in Osaka/Japan: Daydream will participate
第7回(関西)高機能素材Weekが 2019年5月22-24日大阪にて開催されます。Daydream はこの展示会に参加致します。

Website: Material Week is the major Japanese fair, dedicated to Advanced materials, processing technologies, production equipment, testing equipment, etc. Many leading global and Japanese chemical companies will attend this exhibition such as: Arkema, 3M, ADEKA, Sekisui Chemical, Shin-Etsu Chemical, etc. Daydream, Fabrice Lacombe  and Wei Huang will attend ... Lire la suite...


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