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The world is experiencing significant electronification, including a digital transformation with technologies profoundly changing the way we live, work, learn, socialize, and do business. The move to electrical vehicles is challenging, particularly the sourcing of raw materials for the manufacturing of battery anodes & cathodes or electrical motor magnets. Recycling needs to become an important pillar of the future sourcing of scarce raw materials, but this requires establishing a performing e-waste collection and recycling, new recycling technologies for e-waste and improved recycling technologies for electrical vehicle batteries

There are hardly mature recycling technologies in place for many of the crucial raw materials and thus there is room for new ideas and processes to overcome the challenges of proper separation and recovery of metals.

Looking to enhance your market insights and business strategies? Let’s meet at the exhibition area of the three co-organized conferences to support you in staying proactive and responsive in this emerging field of e-waste & battery recycling:

  • Get insights about the value chain of e-waste & battery recycling, players and technologies
  • Assess the market expectations for new technologies, unmet needs or technical challenges
  • Introduce your products or your technology to companies and get first hand market feedback
  • Identify and select early adopters or R&D partners to co-develop your technology
  • Develop Business Strategy and Business Plan for the market segment

For 24+ years, Daydream performs projects in specialty chemicals, metals, polymers and materials for a multitude of applications. We have a track record of projects realized in the circular economy and ones related to collection, recycling and revalorization.

Jean-Pierre Molitor ( will be pleased to meet you there!

About the Tradeshow

Battery & Metal Recycling Conference & Expo 2024 is the must-attend event for battery producers, recycling companies, critical raw material suppliers, and the entire battery & metals supply chain to come together to discover the latest innovations and solutions to create a circular economy for used batteries & metals and help create sustainable supply chains for the future.

E-Waste is Europe’s largest international trade fair for the collection, sorting, processing, and reduction of all forms of electrical waste.

Hear leading industry experts from the battery and recycling industry discussing the latest regulatory, strategic, economic, and technological updates and future trends.