Yusi CHEN (yusi.chen@daydream.eu) and Lina ZUO (lina.zuo@daydream.eu) would be pleased to meet you there

中文: https://www.fshow.org/index/index.shtml

China International Fertilizer Show (FSHOW), a sub-exhibition of China International Agrichemical & Crop Protection Exhibition (CAC), held since 2010, has become a large-scale international exhibition of influential brands in the fertilizer industry.

Always focused on the fertilizer industry, the FSHOW is committed to connecting actors in this industry chain, on building bridges between the fertilizer industry and others and vice versa, and finally on promoting development of specialty fertilizer.

Daydream has maintained work with leaders in the agrochemical, animal care and feed, as well as fertilizer ingredients industries. Specifically, its work focuses on innovation in a B2B environment and exploring the entire manufacturing value chain from raw material to end product.

Since 2002, Daydream & Dynovel have proven offers in:

  • Market & Business Strategy (Market Entry, Go-To-Market, M&A, Business Growth Strategy, etc.)
  • New Business Development
  • Innovation in Technology & Sustainability

Since 2002, Daydream & Dynovel have:

  • Over 120 BtoB clients and 550+ projects
  • Three offices: Cologne for EMEA, Philadelphia for Americas, Shanghai for APAC
  • One unique best-in-class methodology and a team of engineers and PhDs
  • A large network and knowledge base
  • A high level of quality, commitment, and value

Let’s meet there!

Yusi CHEN (yusi.chen@daydream.eu) and Lina ZUO (lina.zuo@daydream.eu)