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The global net zero trend is reshaping the world we live in and the technologies we will rely on. With Governments and corporations setting targets of net zero emissions by 2050, in accordance with recommendations from the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, there will be a major shift to renewable energy. Along with this shift, is the need to store energy effectively and to provide it when and where it is needed. Looking forward, Batteries will be a key technology in this transition to clean energy.
As corporations look to eliminate their Scope 1 and 2 emissions with the help of sustainable energy and governments incorporate sustainable energy into their grids, batteries will be used to provide electricity reliably to end users. The move to net zero will also change how the mobility market harnesses energy. With government policies and company goals driving adoption of electric vehicles, batteries will become a central part of this sector as well.

Together new energy and mobility sectors will drive an unprecedented boom in the battery market. This growing need for batteries will lead to new and improved technologies and new and expanded supply chains, allowing for a great opportunity to grow your business in this market.

Upcoming Battery White Paper Series

As a key player supporting our clients in different regions, end markets and levels of the battery value chain, we – Daydream – Dynovel – are developing a multi-chapter white paper on the battery market to provide clarity and a foundation for tuning into this increasingly essential market.

In our upcoming white paper series, we intend to help you keep track of this rapid changing market, with respect to current technologies, better understand market dynamics, and provide a look at innovation, as well as drivers behind battery market trends.

The first chapter of our white paper series will provide a general understanding of everything needed to navigate the battery market and serves as an introductory overview presenting the possible subsequent publications that will come next. Over the course of 2024, we will issue several deep dive chapters on specific battery topics that you will have the chance to choose!

We invite you to follow us along with this series so you can provide us with your feedback on what specific battery technologies/topics/applications/regions you would like to learn more as we will send in December a short survey for you to vote on your preferred topic!

Below the Table of Contents of our Chapter #1 meant to be a general introduction awaiting your feedback on your topic of interest for a more detailed market analysis to come as a Chapter #2!

… Stay tuned!

Table of Contents of our White Paper Chapter #1: Battery Technology & Market Landscape

About us

Daydream-Dynovel is active globally and regionally in the Chemicals, Polymers, Advanced Materials, Biotechnologies, and Energy markets and focuses on helping clients address their pain points, meet their growth and sustainability objectives. With offices in the U.S., Germany, and China, our company has expertise in and access to markets local to you and globally.

Daydream-Dynovel has performed projects about the New Energies, Battery & Sustainability

Together, we can help you navigate the changing markets, and learn how to meet the consumer and industry demand in terms of technology to support the expectations in this new horizon of green energy.

As your consulting partner, we, Daydream and Dynovel together, want to help you:

  • Understand the dynamics of this changing market,
  • Adjust your market plan & quantification of the market forecast,
  • Monitor the market trends, drivers, limitations, and unmet needs,
  • Keep track on the existing and new solutions being developed,
  • Identify and analyze the different sourcing options (materials, suppliers, production & supply chain, cost…)
  • Scout and connect with the best partners – technological or commercial…
  • Define your market strategy and footprint

Next Steps: Stéphanie Lorini (stephanie.lorini@dynovel.com) in the USA, Jean-Pierre Molitor (jean-pierre.molitor@daydream.eu) in Europe and Yusi Chen (yusi.chen@daydream.eu) in Asia will be your points of contact to organize a meeting.