Stephanie Lorini ( will attend the fair and is delighted to meet you there in order to explore how we can grow your business faster and closer to your clients while embracing your sustainability and digital journey.

Paints & Coatings are present in major industries that affect our daily lives, with technological advancements allowing coatings to make more of an impact than ever before. Among the main trends driving the Coatings market, Dynovel has identified and worked closely with key players along the value chain toward these 4 main ones:

  1. Sustainability and Decarbonization

Increasing the sustainability of products and reducing carbon footprint has become a focus of all industries. In the Coatings industry, key sustainability trends include decarbonizing the supply chain, continuing to improve the sustainability of Low-VOC solutions, and moving to PFAS free formulations.

  1. Biobased/Plant-Based

Like many other industries, the Coatings industry is looking to move away from carbon-based raw materials, and switch to materials that are circular and sustainable, whether they are biobased or recycled.

  1. Functional / Smart Coatings

Functional coatings are being developed to enhance how coatings touch our daily lives and improve our environments. Trends within functional coatings include anti-microbial paint/coatings, self-healing coatings, color-change coatings.

In the face of increasing urbanization, climate change, and increasing energy costs, cooling coatings will find increasing demand in helping keep our cities cool, lowering air conditioning costs and energy consumption.

Key trends within cooling coatings include cool-roof coatings, IR-reflecting pigments, and passive cooling.

These technologies enable coatings to reach greater applications and more sustainably, opening the door to future growth as the world becomes more demanding in their coatings needs. Whether you are playing in the architectural, automotive, industrial or consumer coatings market, Dynovel/Daydream can meet with you and explore how we can help you:

  • Survey your clients and clients’ clients to identify unmet needs, market limitations and expectations
  • Meet your Sustainability goals
  • Achieve your Digital journey
  • Identify your next bio-based, circular, or low-carbon ingredients to source
  • Connect with industrial partners to innovate and build a better future world.

At Dynovel, the US company of Daydream, we can help you be one step ahead of the market needs!

About the Tradeshow:

The American Coatings show is the premier tradeshow in North America for the coatings industry. The show brings together innovators, leaders, and experts from throughout the industry. The American Coatings Show is all about the science and strategy around developing the future of coatings technology.

Thousands of executives involved in coatings and paints manufacturing, industrial application of coatings, and raw material suppliers, including R&D professionals involved in ingredient/strategic sourcing, formulation experts, Sustainability commitment and marketing/sales strategists will be in attendance.

Dynovel, active in the Coatings and Paints, Building and Construction, Automotive, and Specialty Materials market for more than 24+ years, is one of your partners that will be there to address your sourcing needs, channel-to-market, market intel, NBD needs and sustainability commitment.

About Dynovel, a company of Daydream

Daydream has performed 100+ projects in the Paints and Coatings market.

More generally, Dynovel-Daydream is active globally and regionally in the Chemicals & Polymers, Advanced Materials, Biotechnologies, Nutrition & Health and Energy markets and focus on helping clients address their pain points and meet their growth objectives.

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