Your priorities are Business Strategy, Market Analysis, Sustainability and New Business Development?
Let’s meet Daydream with Yusi Chen and Lina ZUO there!

2024 CBE中国美容博览会将于2024年5月22-24日在上海国际博览中心举行, Daydream将参加此次展览。

China Beauty Expo (CBE) is a leading B2B international platform for all sectors of the beauty industry, providing the latest technology, resources, knowledge, and trends to boost communication and commerce. CBE is the world’s largest beauty supply chain platform from beauty manufacturers for all personal care products and services (makeup & fragrances, beauty, health & wellness brands, nail & eyelash brands and related services to develop their business in China) to packaging, OEM/ODM/OBM, machinery & equipment offers, ingredients and raw materials providers. It places great emphasis on promotional campaigns, media collaborations and VIP buyers across all channels that explore industry development trends.

Looking to enhance your market insights and business strategies?

Let’s meet at CBE 2024 to support you in staying proactive and responsive to the ever-changing demands of the market:

  • Identify the unmet needs, requirements and challenges of your customers,
  • Analyze market trends, innovations, and evolving expectations; achieve your sustainable development goals,
  • Validate the personalized sales arguments of your new R&D products,
  • And establish relationships with contract manufacturers or strategic technology and distribution partners,
  • Develop Business Strategy and Business Plan

For 24+ years, Daydream and for 14+ years Daydream Shanghai perform projects in Market & Technical Analysis, Market Strategy, New Business Dev., and are highly qualified to address your current needs for channel-to-market, business Development and business plan.

Yusi CHEN ( and Lina ZUO ( will be pleased to meet you there!

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