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The nutraceutical industry encompasses a wide range of nutrition and pharmaceutical products including dietary supplements, functional foods, and beverages fortified with bioactive compounds to provide health benefits beyond basic nutrition.

With growing consumer interest in healthcare and wellness, the nutraceutical sector has experienced significant expansion in recent years driving the industry towards Personalization (products designed to individual needs, such as nutrition plans based on genetic profiling or health goals), Sustainability (increasing demand for environmentally-friendly sourcing, packaging, and production), Plant-based & natural ingredients (interest in products made from natural, plant-based ingredients, driven by health and environmental concerns), Mental health & wellness (increased demand for products focused on stress relief, cognitive function, and mood enhancement), and Transparency and trust (consumers value transparency in labeling, ingredient sourcing and manufacturing processes, enhancing the trust between brands and customers).

Looking to enhance your market insights and business strategies? Let’s meet at Vitafoods 2024 to support you in staying proactive and responsive to the ever-changing demands of the market:

  • Identify the unmet needs, requirements and challenges of your customers,
  • Analyze market trends, innovations, and evolving expectations; achieve your sustainable development goals,
  • Validate the personalized sales arguments of your new R&D products,
  • And establish relationships with contract manufacturers or strategic technology and distribution partners,
  • Develop Business Strategy and Business Plan

For 24+ years, Daydream performs projects in Nutraceutical & Dietary Supplement, Heath & Food ingredients, Probiotics, Prebiotics, Vitamins, Enzymes, and Beverages, and will be there to address your current needs for channel-to-market, business improvement and New Business Development.

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About the Tradeshow

Vitafoods is a worldwide exhibition focusing on the nutraceutical industry, including dietary supplements and functional foods. This event offers a platform for industry professionals to showcase products, share insights and network. The event features exhibitors from various sectors along with conferences and seminars covering regulatory updates, market trends and scientific advancements.

Numerous executives from the Nutraceutical Industry including ingredients and raw materials suppliers, branded finished products, contract manufacturing & private label as well as services & equipment will be present at the event.