Context and Objectives

Oleon, a leading producer of chemicals and bio-chemicals, has succeeded in developing a new bio-surfactants range – RADIASURF ML – through a fermentation process and wishes to better estimate its potential and launch a new business development campaign.

4 different markets and 3 main regions (Asia, Europe and North America) were selected for investigating the potential of this new bio-surfactant and the following objectives were stated for the project:

  • Confirm the product’s potential and create a pipeline of opportunities in 4 targeted markets
  • Clarify the value proposition of the product in each market
  • Set-up a Business Plan

The new bio-surfactants developed by Oleon possess some very promising properties for the 4 markets addressed:

  • Eco-friendliness and bio-sourcing
  • Very high surface activity
  • Skin-compatibility
  • Versatile characteristics
    • Wetting properties
    • Penetration properties
    • Actives’ performance booster

Operations performed

In the course of the project, Daydream made secondary research on the market of the bio surfactants in order to define the market landscape, market trends & competition. During the core part of the project, Daydream has performed interviews with key players along the value chains of the 4 markets addressed in Europe, North America and Asia.

Face-to face meetings were also arranged with some of the companies which expressed interest in the new bio-surfactant.


Thanks to its profound knowledge of the different value chains of the specialty chemicals market and its wide network, Daydream has been able to reach and interview the right contact partners at key players of the industries targeted across Europe, North America and Asia.

  • Daydream collected over 100 feedbacks from the key players in the markets addressed in order to build a detailed Market Potential Assessment report.
  • Additionally, 15 companies were selected among those who expressed the highest interest, to organize a face-to-face meeting and initiate the process of product and business development.
  • At the same time, the information about the ingredient was shared with more than 170 contacts.

Based on the secondary research and interview feedback, Daydream developed an Attractiveness & Accessibility Matrix for the 4 markets addressed.

Two markets were identified as the most promising for the new bio-surfactant range and Daydream estimated the potential accessible market volumes for 4 key applications in these two markets for the period 2018-2024.

Daydream also:

  • Provided recommendations on the best levels of the Value Chain to target for each market
  • Identified the most influential contact partners in the target partner companies
  • Emphasized how to efficiently address key challenges for the future business development.

About Oleon

Oleon NV, a division of the Sofiprotéol group, is engaged in the development, production, commercialization and supply of oleochemical products, and is a leading manufacturer of esters with applications in various markets such as, amongst others, lubricants, cosmetics, agriculture or oil field drilling. Oleon’s global presence is supported by 10 sales affiliates: Benelux, Germany, UK, France, Southern Europe, Northern Europe, Eastern Europe, America, Asia Pacific and China.

In the past years, Oleon has invested in Biotechnology research and the development of innovative molecules obtained by fermentation. This initiative has allowed Oleon to broaden its product portfolio with high added-value specialties.

About Daydream

We are the B to B Marketing and Business Development Partner of choice for clients focused on the world of chemistry and materials. We provide value and service in 4 key areas:

  • Market Strategy
  • Business development and sales growth
  • Team coaching and people development
  • Implementation of a proven Methodology and Tools for New Business Dev. And Market Strategy.

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