This is the first time we have worked with Dynovel on a PRIMIR study.  As brand-new consultants for PRIMIR, Dynovel understood our expectations and delivered on them exactly as we wanted.  Our objectives were laid out in the beginning of the project and not much had to be reiterated throughout the timeline of the project.  The working relationship was very easy and flowed seamlessly.  The final work product for “The North American Market for Printed Rigid and Flexible Plastics” study was delivered on schedule and provided the information that was requested in the initial RFP.  We hope to continue our relationship with Dynovel as the entire team is very professional, hardworking and deliver above and beyond what is asked for.  We were very pleased with the outcome of this project and delighted to add Dynovel to our roster of ‘go to’ consultants.”

Rekha Ratnam, Senior Director, PRIMIR Market Research

About Daydream & Dynovel Inc.

Daydream (*), operating as Dynovel in North America, is a consulting firm specializing in B to B Marketing, New Business Development & Strategy and Sales for its clients. Our team provides support throughout the entire life cycle of your products and technologies. Our value is displayed thanks to a complete service offer composed of five main axes :

  • Market Strategy
  • New Business Development
  • Sales Growth Initiative
  • Innovation & Differentiation
  • Process Tools

About NPES

NPES, The Association for Suppliers of Printing, Publishing and Converting Technologies, is a trade association of over 600 companies which manufacture and distribute equipment, systems, software, supplies used in printing, publishing and converting.


The Print Industries Market Information and Research Organization (PRIMIR) is the premier market research association of the graphic communications industry. It was formed in 2005 when GAMIS and the NPES Market Research Committee merged. Both had a long history of producing quality market research about the industry.

A story of how Dynovel can be used by Professional Associations & Federations to develop market reports on specific industry trends and drivers to benefit its members with most updated facts & figures to anticipate markets and technology evolutions…

With no previous studies done on the printing plastics market, not much is known about it. However, plastic is seen as one of several materials to experience growth in the area of print. PRIMIR decided to hire Dynovel to perform a specific study focused on the market for rigid plastics and flexible packaging (food packaging, agriculture, wraps, etc.) and niche markets such as lenticular. This study helps gain a better understanding of the general market and printing trends.

Dynovel’s unique assets combination for this study:

  • its expertise of conducting Voice of Customer campaigns
  • its network and experience on the Packaging Industry

Conducting interviews with a representative sample of key players along the Printing Plastic Flexible and Rigid Packaging value chain Dynovel managed to collect feedback on trends and drivers on the printing technologies side and also on each end industry targeted by printing plastic packaging today: Food Packaging, Home & Personal Care, Industrial & Agro Packaging as well as lenticulars and other niches (point of purchase display, vehicle wrap, etc.).

The report also includes an outlook through 2021 with quantitative data analysis and qualitative feedback on where printing technologies are moving toward, what the drivers are and what the impact is on the key players and the PRIMIR members.

Overall, the packaging market is growing and the plastic segment is the fastest growing type of packaging as it enables many design possibilities.

Some of the feedback included in this study confirms that Flexography and Offset printing are the two dominant technologies in the industry and they are not seen to be threatened anytime soon. However, a growing demand for more customization and shorter runs will drive the market to further development and growth of digital printing.

(*) More details to buy Dynovel’s study by clicking on the NPES-PRIMIR website link below: