In August 2020, Daydream – Dynovel has published a Top 300 Chemical Companies Report, with a thorough study made based on major data disclosed for 2019 by various chemical companies as follows:

At the beginning of 2021, while preparing to update Top 300 Report and extend it to Top 400, we decided to publish a simplified version of the 2019 Top 300 Report, with 2 parts:

  • Part 1: TOP 300 companies List rank by 2019 Turnover, Number of Patents, and R&D expenditures
  • Part 2: TOP 100 – Chemical R&D Performance: Ranking Aggregate 2019 figures
    • Turnover/1000 Employees
    • Patents/1000 Employees
    • R&D Expenditures/1000 Employees

You will find all the commercial options we propose around this topic at the bottom of this D-News after the article.


Illustration of Part 1:

Part 1: TOP 300 companies List rank by 2019 Turnover + #Patents + R&D expenditures


Illustration of Part 2:

Part 2: 2019 Chemical R&D Performance

In order to come up with the final ranking and to define the top 100 companies the following parameters were considered:

  • Rank Turnover/1000 Employees: to evaluate the efficiency of the company today
  • Rank Patents/ 1000 Employees: to evaluate the innovation efficiency of the company today
  • Rank R&D Expenditures. / 1000 Employees: to evaluate the innovation potential for the future

The following formula was applied to define the final ranking:

Average of [Rank Turnover/1000 Employees in 2019]; [Rank Patents published in 2019 /1000 FTE] and [Ranking of the R&D Expenditures in 2019 /1000 FTE].

The final ranking for top 100 chemical companies:

Price and Commercial Options:

Daydream & Dynovel offer Four (4) options to purchase the TOP 300 Report

You will find below four (4) options offered by Daydream & Dynovel if you want to purchase the simplified or complete market report. Once the payment is processed, you will receive an email notification with the link and password to download the purchased document(s). You will also receive an invoice from Daydream and Dynovel via our payment processing platform (Stripe).

If you purchase whichever option of the 2019 Report, you will be beneficial to a 15% discount of the 2020 Top-400 Report, which will be published around mid-2021, with similar structure but more companies and information.

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